Vicki has built up her name over several years in the property world. Vicki has been named as one of the UK’s most influential people in property by The Telegraph.

“The most influential people in the UK property world are not necessarily the richest, nor those with more houses than anyone else. But they are the people who shape our opinions and attitudes when it comes to the business of bricks and mortar. It is not all about estate agents and billionaire bankers, either. From television gurus to house builders and interior designers to sky-scraping developers, here are the 25 people shaping the British property world.”

Vicki’s focus on building wealth through property investment and business comes from her lifetime passion – scuba diving, and that  is why she is known throughout the industry as The Property Mermaid. Vicki has been able to create businesses and a passive income to help her appreciate the joys in her life whilst also helping other property professionals change their mind-set from “Property Investor” to “Business Owner”. She is committed to helping and motivating others who want to be financially free through her experience, support and motivation. Vicki is an impassioned speaker and educator who is always willing to share her time and knowledgege to help others achieve the lifestyle they want.Signing book

Vicki is regularly engaged as a speaker at business and property events and has been invited to speak in many events during the last year including The Business Show, Property Investors Network, and events around the country where she always has an eager audience asking fantastic questions about how to be financially free.

Over recent years Vicki has shifted her focus from personal property investing to creating two successful property businesses through sourcing property and training others. Vicki has established herself as a highly successful business owner and thought leader in all things business and property. Her understanding that life is about the journey and not the destination has stood her in good stead in all her endeavours, even when faced with challenges that belief has enabled her to gain invaluable insights. With her help and support clients can create a personal investment plan that will set them on the path to financial freedom. If you are serious about business and property investment become the key to your own secure financial future – what are you waiting for?

With her partner Bob, Vicki has traveled extensively and thoroughly enjoyed the business model she has created. Recent trips include a traveling the East Coast of Australia, then a week seeing the Northern Lights in North Norway, Thailand and Indonesia, snorkeling with Manta Ray and scuba diving with sharks in the Maldives and of course her old favourite the Red Sea.

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So, how can I help you?

I help my clients in different ways depending on what they need. Whether they want me to give an overview of their property portfolio; give them the strategy they need to become a successful property investor; find the right properties for them and manage their portfolio or to give them one on one on-going support through out their journey, I help them achieve their dreams of financial freedom. I also work directly with business owners and inspiring business entrepreneurs to convert their passion from a success to unlocked profit!

I have written three books designed to help you no matter what stage of your property journey you are at.

Using Other People’s Money: How to Invest in Property – first published in 2010 and now soon to be released as a third edition, the book is dUOPM2 2D Cover Black boarder 125x177esigned for all those that may not yet full understand all that property can offer or are unclear how to put their knowledge into action.

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Make More Money from Property: From Investor Thinking to a Business Mindset – In Vicki’s second book she focuses on the aspects that an investor needs to utilise in order to create a successful profitable business. Truely successful property entrepreneurs are Business Owners not just Investors.

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Property for the Next Generation

Property for the Next Generation: Preparing Your Family for a Wealthy Future – Your home is not an asset, your pension is not enough and you are going to live so long that you will become a burden on your family! These hard hitting truth are a revelation and Vicki looks at how you can utilise property to develop a sustainable income that will help you overcome these facts that could otherwise put your idealic retirement and families future security at risk.

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